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Customer Stories

HELEN Salmisaari, producer of electricity and district heat.

HELEN Salmisaari coal power plant was renovated in 2014. In addition to coal, Salmisaari was equipped also with reception and transmission system for wood pellets. HELEN produces electricity and district heat in Salmisaari by combined heat and power (CHP) generation, which is efficient with respect to the environment and costs.

Customer’s needs & our realisation of the needs:

The pellet transfer system was needed to be protected against fire. Long conveyors and fuel storage system present challenges to traditional fire-fighting systems.

ATEXON solution protects the conveyors with spark detection and extinguishing system and silos with carbon monoxide detectors. The equipment provides continuous information to the control room.

“Atexon has professional and quickly responding customer service”

Mikko Sillanpää, director of fuel management, Helen Ltd.

Bioenergia Bioenergy

Kaskipuu Ltd., manufacturing doors

Kaskipuu Ltd. is a family owned company that manufactures quality doors. In Finland the company has factories in Ylikiiminki, Haapajärvi and Viitasaari and in addition there is a factory in Milzkalne, Latvia.

Customer’s needs & our realisation of the needs:

The customer wanted to proof their factories according to the ATEX directive. In addition, the need to protect their property and to avoid interruptions in production were powerful motives for the investment, because Kaskipuu has recently invested strongly on developing and expanding their production.

We proofed the factories’ sawdust and dust removal systems with spark detection and fire extinguishing systems as well as with an overheat guard for sawdust extractors.

“We are very satisfied with the Atexon spark detection systems.”

Matti Kaski, CEO, Kaskipuu Ltd.


Altia Plc, steam power plant

Altia is a leading company manufacturing ethanol based products in the Nordic countries. The ethanol plant in Koskenkorva utilises agricultural biomass for steam production. The functions on the plant started in late 2014.

Customer’s needs & our realisation of the needs:

The idea was to proof the new steam power plant that burns barley peels, grain cleaning particles, peat and wood-chips comprehensively with spark detection and fire extinguishing systems.

We proofed the fuel receiving station, the conveyors, the screening plant, the elevator, the silos and the burner. The fire proofing was accomplished with Atexon’s spark, flame and carbon monoxide detectors and various water extinguishing systems.

“The Atexon fire protection system works extremely well.”

Pekka Sivula, Fire Chief of the Factory, Caverion, Altia Koskenkorva


Kuopion Woodi Ltd, furniture manufacturer

Kuopio Woodi Ltd. manufactures and sells high-quality design birch furniture to the public spaces and homes. The company is particularly well known for quality wood products for day care centers and school buildings.

Customer’s needs & our realisation of the needs:

The customer has invested in new production machinery and for the growth of the company in recent years. Factory expansion with the new sawdust extraction systems was to be effectively protected against fire.

ATEXON protected sawdust extraction systems with spark detection and extinguishing system, which also protected the blower motors with the overheat sensors.

“I can highly recommend Atexon solutions also to other wood processing companies”

Mika Rissanen, Managing Director, Kuopion Woodi Ltd.

wood processing

Hansaprint Ltd., printing house

Hansaprint Ltd. is a part of the TS Group. The head office and main production facilities of Hansaprint Ltd. are located in Turku, Finland. Their other business locations are in Vantaa, Finland and Malmö, Sweden.

Customer’s needs & our realisation of the needs:

The customer wanted to make sure that printing would not the disrupted because of fires.

The problematic parts of the customer’s production process were charted and, based on this information, a pre-emptive fire prevention system with a GSM alarm feature was designed. The operational manager of the factory gets an SMS about all events.

“The Atexon spark extinguishing system has already proved its efficiency.”

Henri Kaukovalta, operational manager, Hansaprint Ltd.


In order to constantly fulfill our quality objectives and improve on them, we operate according to a quality system, that fulfills the requirements of the standards ISO9001 and SFS-EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 (ATEX).

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